Hurling and Camogie Club

Donore Credit Union Nursery


Our Donore Credit Union ABC Nursery caters for boys and girls aged 4 – 7 year old. “A.B.C” stands for Agility, Balance and Coordination.

We have developed a series of fun-based exercises to develop movement and motor skills for young children aged 4 to 7 years old. These skills form the basis for the later development of the specific skills of hurling and camogie. The level of competency with which one can perform these skills is referred to as their level of physical literacy.

We believe that fundamental movement and basic motor skills should be developed in the early years of physical development to provide the basis for all further movement and motor development. Fundamental movement skills include crawling, rolling, agility, balance, coordination, running and jumping skills. We also focus on basic motor skills including throwing, catching and passing, as well as striking and controlling a ball.

If you would like to see our nursery in action you can click here for a pre-pandemic video.

All our underage coaches are expected to be (1) Garda vetted (2) Receive training in respect to child safeguarding and (3) complete foundation level coaching course.