Hurling and Camogie Club

Timmy Hammersley

Corner Forward

Name: Timmy Hammersley

Age: 33

Occupation: Non-Profit sector with and Athletic Performance Coach

Biggest Sporting Achievement: Playing senior for Tipperary and winning an All-Ireland medal in 2010. From a very young age I sacrificed a lot to develop both my hurling and physical capacity. At 15 I was a sub on my clubs under16 team and I take great pride in the progress which I made from there.

Biggest influence on your “career”: I have had many great influences along the way but I would have to single out my three brothers. They have been there all the way through out and we consistently both challenge and support each other. I was also influenced by someone at home in Tipperary who got me training very hard at 15. Ever since then I have kept the capacity to work hard at my game.

An interesting fact about yourself: I have volunteered in Palestine and spent time in Calais refugee camp France. Human Rights is something very close to my heart and I like to get involved in causes I care about such as the Palestinian issue and their continued denial of rights.

What team are you involved with in Kevin’s? I’m coaching the Intermediate hurlers

When and how did you first get involved with Kevin’s? John Ryan who has connections to where I am from in Tipperary rang me in April 2019 and asked would I assist in a session. I have assisted coaching ever since. I live a 10-minute cycle from Dolphin Park and I was very happy to assist a nearby club.

Club honours: None … yet. We reached the championship quarter final in 2019 and this group has plenty of potential.

What do you enjoy most about your involvement in the club? I value the idea of helping to promote hurling in the South Inner city. I am passionate about the role the club plays in the community and the opportunities it gives to young people. I feel clubs like Kevins do not get the credit they deserve, so much of the current focus on clubs is all about winning but Kevins plays a vital role in bringing people together, while doing it through the medium of a cultural activity.

Biggest club legend? Ollie Crampton. The man would do anything for the club or its players. Clubs are built upon the backs of people like Ollie and they are some of the most undervalued in Irish society. Many other people whom I have come to know in Kevin’s also play this role and as long as people such as these continue to see the value in Kevin’s the club is in safe hands.

Most dedicated club player? Richie O’ Donoghue. Richie like myself has come in from the outside, but he is a model of consistency for the current group. Is 100% professional 100% of the time is someone whom the lads can look up to.

Biggest messer on the team? Gar Cully usually has a positive or funny slant to add. Lads like him are valuable as it’s important that people enjoy themselves in the club.

Best night out? None so far for me unfortunately. Hopefully, once the worst of Covid-19 is over we might be able arrange a get together.

Who has the last word before a game? Brian Óg. He has shown terrific commitment to the club over the years and has a big influence over fellow players.

Favourite opposition club player: John O Keefe. He would be an opposition player for Kevin’s but he’s my club teammate. He has been one of the best club players in Tipperary for years now. In 2018 he captained the club to win the senior final and it was a fitting reward.

Toughest player to play against: Paudie Maher. Extremely hard to mark both in club games and in training. He had every possible attribute.

Favourite pitch: Semple Stadium Thurles. Always in great condition and in the town where the GAA was founded.

Best, or favourite game you have ever played: 2018 Tipperary senior county final with my club Clonoulty Rossmore. It was my first county medal after years and years of trying, continuous failure, and eventually getting there.

Favourite Athlete / Sports Personality: Dr David Hickey Dublin. On the pitch in Croke Park during the 1999 All-Ireland final while the Dublin team of the 80’s was getting honoured he took off a T-Shirt calling for an end to the Cuban Blockade. I admire people who put their head above the parapet.

Favourite Quote:  “It is not what happens us but how we react”. Very easy to say this, but much harder to act on it.

Last and most important question … Have you developed a Dublin accent since getting involved with Kevin’s? It depends what you mean by a Dublin accent, if you mean a D4 type accent it’s a definite no, however I may have picked up some south inner-city slang along the way. Sure you couldn’t not pick up a saying or two listening to Cully.