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Marrowbone Lane Rezoning

Local Councillors have had the Dublin City Council depot on Marrowbone Lane rezoned to recreation space. The councillors and local sporting group “Sporting Liberties”, of which Kevins is a participant, want to support this rezoning with submissions to the city development plan. The Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028 sets out policies and objectives to guide how and where development will take place in the city over the lifetime of the Plan. It is important to get strong community support to develop this site for green, sporting and recreational amenity.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 14th February! 

We’d ask Kevins members to support this initiative by making a submission on the development plan. Below is a guide on how to make a submission.


Submissions to the Draft Dublin City Development Plan can be made online. Here is the link to the overall plan: 

There are 16 Chapters in total and each chapter section has a link where an online submission can be made in relation to the contents of that chapter.

The proposal to rezone the lands at Marrowbone Lane are contained within:

Chapter 10, Green Infrastructure and Recreation, Section  10.5.8 Sport, Recreation and Play:

It is an objective of Dublin City Council: GIO55 Marrowbone Lane Depot To develop the council owned depot at Marrowbone Lane as a Green Infrastructure and Recreational Area.   

You can view the Chapter 10 contents and make an online submission here:  

It is also possible to make a submission by post: 

Development Plan Team,

Planning and Property Development Department,

Dublin City Council,

Wood Quay,

Dublin 8.

Make your submission by one medium only i.e. online or by post. The final date for receipt of submissions is 4.30pm on the 14th of February 2022. Late submissions will not be considered and postal submissions must arrive to the Council offices before the closing date. 

All submissions, whether made online or by post, must include the full name and address of the person making the submission. All submissions will be published online within 10 working days of receipt in accordance with the requirements of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended). Your address will not be published.